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About Formworks

Formwork is perhaps the most important catalyst in the making of any concrete structure. Construction technology has lastly come off age. Our technical support and design for manufacturing aluminium formwork for the construction industry has added extra strength in this fact of our business. Good quality & well-made formwork brings out the architects dream into ground reality.


Our formwork systems are designed to achieve desired architectural shapes and forms accurately with minimum hassles. Shuttering and de-shuttering are achieved at a record speed generally achieving the rate of over 100 sq. meters, per worker, per shift.

Entire systems are designed to latest DIN 11516 and to achieve F3 grade finished product giving formed deflection of less than 1/1000.

All the elements of formwork are designed in-house using latest software and finite element analysis to ensure that each and every element is stressed optimally. Each element is designed to withstand atleast 200 repetitive usages.

Development and Manufacturing

Sections are precisely developed and formwork manufactured in our ISO-9001 certified facility at Chakan, Pune.


We diligently design and plan the type of formwork required for the project and determine the quantity of various elements based on clients requirements on speed of construction.


All items are then specifically manufactured for the particular project, each item carefully numbered, packed and delivered to site

Site Support

We supply detailed drawings specifying location of each piece of formwork. This makes formwork assembly easy. A Sharp formwork advisor is stationed on-site for the first two repetitions. Need based site support is provided on an on-going basis.

Buy Back

We buy back the used formwork on project conclusion.

Formwork systems are meant to achieve:
  • Faster forming and deshuttering
  • Reduced concreting cycle time
  • Superior finish
  • Near total avoidance of plaster works
  • Economy