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Acoustics Enclosures

About Acoustics Enclosures

  • Acoustic Enclosure also referred as Genset Enclosure, Acoustic Canopy, Generator Noise Control, Sound Proof Enclosure, and Noise Shield.
  • Sharp Engineers takes a new approach in manufacture of acoustic canopies, Sound Proof Canopies, Acoustic Enclosures.
  • All units are made from Cold Rolled Closed Annealed Sheet Metal, thickness varying from 0.8mm to 2 mm to achive the lower weight and desired acoustic perfroamance, which are fabricated through modern methods of sheet metal fabrication techniques.
  • All parts are electro-static powder coated, this operation is done through several stages including Degreasing at 60°C, and two stages of water Washing, Phosphate, powder spray and finally the parts are introduced to an Automatic operated Oven where the painting process ends.
  • Suitably designed air intake and exhaust attenuators are provided and the walls of the canopy are lined with sound absorbing materials which are fire retardant ( meeting all the International Norms )such as Rockwool / Basalt wool/ Synthetic wool / Cross linked and open cell Foam of 40 -125 Kg/m3 density range with variable thickness, thereby attaining the sound presssure levels up to 70 dBA at 1 Mtr in free-field conditions.
  • All sound proof parts are to be screwed together when assembled, thanks for the precision machines, TIG welding and new methods of fabrication that allows us to make mass production of parts.

Benefits and Key features:

  • Acoustic enclosures with maximum insertion loss up to 50 dB(A)
  • The evaluation of acoustic performance as per the ASTM E596 / ASTM E 1704 / ISO 11546 -1 / ISO 11546-2
  • The innovative sound absorbing materials and light weight enclosure panels for the most cost competitive in the industry )
  • Our Sound Proof canopies are designed to allow easy maintenance of the Generator and direct access for the control panel through 5 doors with Powder coated handles, carbon steel hinges and transparent plastic window.Provide access for normal and routine maintenance.
  • The sectionalized structure of the Sound Proof canopies/ Acoustic Enclosures allows delivery to a customer disassembled, for later assembly at site, which serves for maintenance needs also.
  • We provide Electrical / Lighting fixtures and Fire extinguishing system as optional.
  • Optional accessories for the Enclosure – Engine exhaust Silencer.
  • One of the important aspect of our product is its controlled weight that allows shipping with lower costs.
  • We have capactiy to manufacture 500 enclosures per month.
  • The delivery time is 3 weeks from the date of PO raised.
  • Attractive after sale service and AMC packages for the hassel free operation of the enclosures