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Press Machine and Press Shop Acoustics

About Press Machine & Press Shop Acoustics

  • We offer Acoustic Enclosure for Heavy Machine (CNC, Stamping, swaging) which are designed with perfection and accuracy to each and every intricate detail.
  • Even the minutest of specification is paid due attention while producing these so that the flawless can easily be provided to the customer.
  • These Acoustic Enclosure can reduce Machines Noise up to 25 dBA.
  • In Industrial environments, reverberation and reflected noise from machinery can easily exceed statutory limits and cause a serious health risk to production staff.
  • Acoustic enclosures reduce noise pollution from noisy plant and machinery without reducing the efficiency or cleanliness of the plant during normal operations.

Benefits and Key features:

  • Noise redcution of 25 to 40 dBA is achivable
  • Vibration isolation, noise-controlled, shock-resistant systems
  • Indoor or outdoor applications
  • Integration of lighting, ventilation, fire fighting systems, air-conditioning etc.
  • Full installation service
  • Modular solutions
  • Easy access for operators and maintenance personnel
  • The delivery time is 3 weeks from the date of PO raised.
  • Attractive after sale service and AMC packages for the hassel free operation of the enclosures