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DG sets and Machine Room Acoustics

About DG sets and Machine Room Acoustics

  • Our expert team understands the requirements of the customers and does the intricate detailing and studies all parameters, while designing acoustic treatment.
  • Providing acoustic lining on walls, ceiling and all doors control the noise. Shutters are usually converted to sound proof doors.Acoustic Treatment of Room is done by paneling of G.I. channel of suitable size are filled with Two Layers of 50 mm Thick 96/64 Density Rock/ Mineral Wool, covered with R. P. Tissue Paper and Expended metal on wall. The Thickness and Density is very important in controlling the sound, as the Rock wool is used for Absorption of sound
  • Acoustic louvers, splitter & Insulated ducts are provided for suppressing the noise level.Acoustically designed louvers absorb the sound but provide proper flow of Air.Optimal air ventilation system is designed to allow max aspiration and airflow required for cooling to ensure the Diesel Engines does not overheat with provision for axial flow fans of required output & quantity for proper adequate air ventilation.Louvers are made of C R C sheet, Filled with Rock Wool/ Mineral Wool and covered with Perforated sheet. The Perforated sheet side with Rock wool/ Mineral Wool is towards the noise, so it can absorb the noise in the air. They are fitted in such an angle and distance, the gap between them is not visible, so air passed through them but sound is restricted. Louvers are provided for fresh air Inflow and Hot air Outflow.
  • Hoods with acoustic treatment 22/24 SWG G.I. sheet of 25 mm thick rock wax and R.P. Tissue paper with perforated sheet are providing for fresh air and hot air. While is providing for fresh air and hot air. While Hood lengthening the transmission path of sound, its acoustic treatment absorbs the sound.
  • Fresh air requirement for Combustion and Cooling of Engine and Alternator is provided by axial flow fans with reputed makes electric Motor.Hot air from engine flow to separate hot air chamber where it is removed by Axial flow fans reputed make electric Motor. Out side the room through acoustic ducting and louvers.
  • 4″ thick Acoustic Treated doors are made out of 1.6 mm Press Bent C R C Sheets supported with stiffness channel /angle as per site requirement at the time of fitting. Doors are provided for easy maintenance of Generator

Benefits and Key features:

  • Overall noise reduction can be achieved of the order of 35 to 50 dBA based on the size of the room, construction and structure.
  • It is an application of integrated enginnering like construction, acoustics, ventilation, fire fighting etc.
  • The modular kind of construction so that can be installed at site.
  • The delivery time is 3 weeks from the date of PO raised.
  • Attractive after sale service and AMC packages for the hassel free operation.