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Anechoic Chamber

About Anechoic Chamber

  • Due to stringent Noise Legislation imposed by government and public awareness, NVH is becoming one of the design criteria. To characterize and arrive at noise control measures, it is necessary to identify the noise sources correctly, compare and rank them and quantify the noise levels.
  • Sound can be measured in a free-field, out-door or in an anechoic room, in-door, simulating the free-field. The out door free-field has a number of limitations of availability such as weather conditions, ambient noise level, etc., while the anechoic room provides a round the clock facility with controlled environment and can be designed for low ambient noise level.
  • Keeping in mind the NVH requirements of automotive as well as consumer products, we have established the capability of designing, erection and commissioning of anechoic chambers for carrying out acoustic evaluation products and their components and other products under various operating conditions of speed and load.
  • These chambers can also developed in smaller in size depending upon the application of customers some time it also called as Noise Test Booth-NVH Test Booths are mostly customized products designed and manufactured according to the client’s specific requirement which is different in every case.
  • These are widely used in automotive sector, air-conditioner manufacturing units, refrigeration units, fan, motors & compressors manufacturing units, speaker testing, Automotive NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) Noise Mapping Structural Dynamics & Monitoring etc can be measured and accessed.
  • While designing these chambers / booths all the international standards like ISO 3740 and ISO 3745 been considered to meet the qualifying criteria of sizes, cut off frequencies, ventilation required etc

Benefits and Key features:

  • Meeting all the qualifying criterias of ISO 3740 and ISO 3745.
  • The cutoff frequency can be achieved as low as 50 Hz to 800 Hz based on the applicaiotns. Meeting the inverse square law
  • One year of the project as turn key from designing , civil work, ventilation and acoustic treatments.
  • Attractive after sale service and AMC packages for the hassel free operation of the enclosures