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Technical Acoustics Consultancy and Services

Technical Acoustics Consultancy and Services

  • As we are the leading suppliers of industrial and environmental noise control products, which is supported by acoustics experts teams working in different product segments.
  • Our teams of experts are well supported with the advanced NVH instrumentations and software from world's leading organizations. We have state-of-the-art noise mapping software, Sound Plan to assess noise levels from industry and all transportation sources
  • Before going for any commercial acivity on any project, we do carry out the feasibility study to give better ideas of the work content so that most cost effective noise and vibration control solutions can be provided to valued customer .
  • The feasibility study involves color coded maps showing noise levels from either individual or collective noise sources. Noise mapping can be used as a management tool to monitor and ensure that areas maintain and improve their acoustical amenity.within buildings for various projects such as environmental and occupational noise assessments.Environmental Noise Monitoring,Industrial Noise Mitigation.