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Reverberation Chambers

About Reverberation Chambers

  • The basic definition of reverbration chamber is where there is 100% reflection of sound energy . Such environment of reverberation chamber is required for a number of investigations such as measurement of sound absorption of acoustic materials, transmission loss of barrier, vehicle body panels, etc., and measurement of sound power radiated by noise sources.
  • The acoustic characterisation of the automotive acoustic materials used for noise reduction in terms of sound absorption and sound transmission loss, is of importance. The basis for material development, comparison between products and development of various acoustic packages depend upon these characterisation. In order to perform such measurements, a large number of methods and devices have been proposed by OEMs as well as acoustic material suppliers.
  • There are number of internaitonal standardsa are available for building acoustics like ISO 140, ASTM C423 , ISO 354 , ASTM E 90 , ISO 3741 and ISO 3743 which are giving the requirements / qualification criteria for all above mentioned applications of the reverberaiton chambers.

Benefits and Key features:

  • It is meeting the requirements of all the internaitonal standards.
  • The cut off frequencies can be achieved as low as 50 Hz to 500 Hz
  • One year of the project as turn key from designing , civil work, ventilation and acoustic treatments.
  • Attractive after sale service and AMC packages for the hassel free operation of the enclosures